Are you fascinated with the scintillating animations and graphics used in the movies like Avatar, Avengers, and Pacific Rim? Do you want to recreate the magic of breath-taking animated visuals? Are you aspiring to become a professional in the field of animation? If your answer to the above questions is an emphatic ‘YES’, then Autodesk MAYA Training is your key to success. 

A full-fledged training program in Autodesk Maya is indispensable for realistic 3D modeling and electrifying animations. Edits Academy offers a holistic Training in Autodesk Maya in Ahmedabad that is beneficial for all the students. The students learn to use the software with ease and master the art of simulation modeling and captivating imagery.

Key Components of Autodesk Maya Course at Edits Academy in Ahmedabad:


Our Maya 3D course teaches the students the techniques of Skinning that enable the 3D mesh to deform according to the requirements. Our faculty members train the students to effectively hold the skeleton and bind it to allow the model to move flawlessly.

3D Modeling:

We offer this advanced animation course that trains you in using Autodesk Maya fluidly and ensures that you are able to do 3D modeling scientifically. 3D modeling is very crucial as it converts an object digitally into 3D. 3D modeling is widely used in cinema, television series, engineering, video games, medicine, and research, etc. Our 3D modeling course provides you the insights to do 3D modeling without any hassle.

Lighting and Rendering:

The students enrolled in the Autodesk Maya Classes also grasp the finest details pertaining to lighting and rendering the 3D models. We give them hands-on experience to work at software such as Arnold and Blender that are used for realistic modeling and simulation. When the students excel at the art of rendering, they can build a logical sequence and assemble the individual frames to deliver magnificent results.

In addition to Autodesk Maya training Course, we also provide Cinema 4D course and 3D Max course that are vital for animation industry. Edits Academy provides the ultimate and complete training in Cinema 4D which is an excellent tool used in modeling and animation. Cinema 4d is considered as the most powerful tool for motion graphics. It integrates other software such as After Effects and gives mesmerizing results. Our Cinema 4D training program enhances the competence of our students in the field of animation.

Our 3DMax course in Ahmedabad makes the students excel in the art of texturing, layering, skinning, and integrating. Its significance in character and environment modeling is indisputable. The students are also made to learn the application of 3Ds Max tools in architecture. 3Ds Max creates realistic 3D images of buildings and hence is widely used in civil and mechanical engineering.

Our institute strives to deliver excellence in the complete range of courses in animation. We cater to the demands of the dynamic animation industry by making our students a thorough professional in their specialized fields. The students of our institute leave a mark of their own with their incredible results.