Video Editing

Video Editing Course (Adobe Premiere Pro)

“Learn to Edit Videos like a Pro”

Medium of Instruction: English, Hindi, Gujarati

Video Editing Course Overview:

The Video Editing Training course designed for upcoming videographers and cinematographers who wants to edit their own films, and also for those editors who wants to build their career in Video Post-Production. The course will get you started on editing aspects of video, in-depth understanding of resolutions & frame rates and how to work with them, video effects and transitions, audio editing, color corrections and various export settings.

Today technologies are advancing at an amazing rate and there is a new camera being launched almost every month that has its own setting, video format, color profile etc. so it makes sense to understand how to work with these in video post-production.

This Video Editing course will entail imparting skills with respect to working on different frame rates. Which frame rate to use to make the timeline, which footage to use for slow motion. The same level of understanding will be taught for resolutions. How to work with 5k, 4k and HD resolutions and how to mix them up in timelines.

Additionally, the Video Editing course will include a session on using video effects and transitions. A lot of inbuilt transitions will be taught along with different video effects that’s available inside the software. Also how to use them with different resolutions and frame rates.

Sound/Audio editing is another important aspect that will be covered in this tutorial. Sound is an important factor in any film and editors go up to 15 layers of audio tracks just to get the perfect theatrical sound effect. Audio can actually make or break your film.

The Video Editing Training course will also cover Multi-Cam editing. There are various scenarios where you will be shooting multi-cam and this needs to be edited properly, the best shot needs to be selected, the best angle needs to be selected and also all the candid moments has to be in the film. All this will be taught in Multi-Cam editing.

Usually the final touch to any film is the color corrections and grading before it is exported. This will also be covered in the course of video editing. How to achieve correct white balance, exposure, contrast, get all the details from highlights and shadows, getting perfect colors and working with LUTs is what will be covered in this Video Editing Training course.

Finally, proxy workflow will also be covered in the Video Editing course. This might now seem important now but in the future it will be impossible to work without proxies as more and more videos gets shot in higher resolutions such as 2.7k, 4k, 5k etc. Proxy allows you to work with High resolution files seamlessly.

Certify for Photo and Video Editing courses in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro from Edits Academy. Our branch location is very well placed in Ahmedabad nearby all the public transports. You can easily commute to our coaching centre from Memnagar, CG Road, Hansol, Nikol, Adraj, Kankaria, and Ambli Ahmedabad.

Course Detail

  • Importing Media
  • Setting Up Workspaces
  • Shot Selection
  • Timeline and Sequence settings
  • Working with Multiple Timeline and Pancake style editing
  • Understanding Frame rates and working with them
  • Understanding resolutions and working with them
  • Transitions and Video Effects
  • Audio Editing
  • Color Corrections and Grading
  • Essential Graphics, Typography and Title Editing
  • Rendering and Export Settings

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