DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Course

“Professionally color correct your footage with industry standard CC software”

Software: DaVinci Resolve

Medium of Instruction: English, Hindi, Gujarati

DaVinci Resolve is the industry standard for color correcting and color grading your footage. The tools that Resolve offers, the sheer options and capabilities of these tools makes it the go-to and only software for grading and correcting footage. We are proud to offer a specialized course for editors and cinematographers who wants to take their edits to pure cinematic class.

This course is ideal for anyone who has some exposure in any of the editing software like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. If you are absolutely new to editing and/or starting your career in editing, we request you to check and complete our video editing courses first. This course is not recommended for absolute beginners in video editing.

DaVinci Resolve is a massive software that platforms for editing, color grading and visual effects. It already is an industry standard software for color grading & vfx and is slowly catching up in editing. This DaVinci course or Color Grading course is targeted towards only Color Grading. This course does not cover editing or vfx aspects of resolve.

This color grading course starts with interface. You’ll learn how to load, create and link database. The well move to media page, edit page and most important – color page. Here again we will learn the interface, working panel and tools. Then we move to set up project and check the settings, color space, resolution, fps and luts.

We then move to practical aspects of the course where we color grade the footage. Here we use the footage to understand scope and how they can be used to identify what color needs adjustments in a particular footage. You are taught various scopes and their usages and how to make adjustments in the footage using color wheels.

We use all the above tools and scopes to start correcting colors in the footage. The most important aspect which correcting colors is getting the white balance right and we start from there too. From there we adjust the exposure and contrast and do the analysis and make a lookbook. Like in all our animation courses and editing courses, we take practical approach and start correcting different scenes like landscape, people, drone, product and indoor shots.

From there we move to another important aspect of color corrections and color grading that is shot matching. All the scenes in the film or an edit have to match together. It’s not a good edit where one scene is warm and the other is cool. There are various tools and platforms in Resolve that help you gain control of scenes and in these lectures we practically go through each of those tools and platforms and understand which tools work where which does not. You are also taught to match shots from the same scene but with different cameras.

Once we have got hold and understanding of all the tools and panels and scopes, we then move into learning how to grade footage. Here you will be taught to create the look for your film and edit. This is the most artistic aspect of the course. Here is where you need to apply all learnings from this course, all the tools, all the understanding of the scopes coupled with your imagination to get to a look you want to achieve.

Get your certification on DaVinci Resolve (Color Grading) course from Edits Academy. You can easily commute to our coaching centre from any part of Ahmedabad. Our branch location is very well placed in Ahmedabad.

Course Details

  • Interface
    • Load, Create, Link database, Media page, Edit page
  • Color Page
    • Interface, Working panel, Tools
  • Project Set up
    • Settings, Color space, Resolutions, Fps, Import LUTs & Footage location
  • Scopes
    • Vector, Parade, Histogram & Waveform, Color Wheels, Keyframes, Greyscale
  • Color Corrections
    • Exposure, White balance, Analysis, Lookbook
  • Color corrections in different scenes
    • Landscapes, People, Products, Drone, Indoor / Outdoor
  • Shot Matching
    • Gallery Still, Split Screen, Group Clip, Local vs Remote, Lightbox, Same camera vs different camera
  • Color Grading
    • Analysis, Tools, Lookbook, Film luts
  • Conform
    • Timeline Preparation – Premiere, Round Trip, Bake & blade, Bake & blade advanced
  • Delivery & Export Settings

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