3D Animation

3D Animation Course

“Give wings to your imagination”

Software: Blender

Medium of Instruction: English, Hindi, Gujarati

3D Animation Course Overview:

One of the fastest growing services industry is 3D animation. There is a huge demand for 3d Artists who can model, shade and animate in the industry, and almost all the companies in this space are always hiring. The preferred software our 3d animation course is Blender. It is the fastest growing software in the world of 3d Animation. One of the most important advantage is that it’s an open source software which is even compelling animation studios from Hollywood to teach and train their 3D artists in Blender.

In the initial lectures we start with the interface. Get yourselves accustomed to the viewport, the default mesh that you can add, how to move things around and scale and rotate them, the various displays and overlays, object and edit modes and their difference and importance and preferences.

From here we start Modelling. This blender course is entirely practical approach based, with absolutely no theories. We start building a very basic scene which has roads, trees and straight buildings. We use only the default meshes that are available to build these. Then limited exposure is given to modifiers and how they can be used to further our scene to make it more meaningful.

We then start building some complex objects and how to use modifiers tactfully to create everyday objects like broken bulb, PS4 game controller, table, sword etc. And once we have created a few such models we start creating one big complex object like a plane or rocket with where we practically use all our learning of meshes and modifiers and put that to good use.

Then you are given basic exposure of UV editing before we move to shading and materials. Shading is the place where you learn which color to give to you object, which material to use, how to make materials and also how to create them procedurally. Then we touch base with HDRIs to understand how to light your scene with image based lighting. Finally we shade and give materials to all the objects we did in modelling lectures including the plane or rocket.

Lighting are important part of any animation and it can literally make or break your scene. And hence the concept of lighting has to be clear. Here you learn how to add lighting, how many and of what type of lightings are available and how they are difference and what kind of lighting should be used when. We also understand the importance of shadows in these lectures.

Finally, once the models are created, Materials are given to models, scene is set and lighting is done, we begin animation. The timeline is introduced, understanding of the scene is done. Then we add cameras that will capture the animation. You are taught how and where to set up cameras. We give you tasks to visualize how your scene must be portrayed for you to set up cameras accordingly. Finally we key frame the entire scene and export the animation.

3D animation is a huge industry and our 3d animation course helps you build strong foundation so that you can enter the industry with confidence and we ensure that your skill level are up to industry standards.

Certify for our 3d animation course and 3d Blender course from Edits Academy. You can easily commute to our coaching centre from any part of Ahmedabad. Our branch location is very well placed in Ahmedabad nearby all the public transports.

Course Detail

  • Interface
    • Viewport , Default Cube & Tools, Displays , Object Mode, Scene Collection, Add Mesh, Viewport Overlays, Preferences
  • Edit Mode
  • Modelling
    • First Scene from basic Mesh, Modifiers, Basic Models using Modifiers, Advanced model
  • UV Editing
  • Shading
    • Materials, Introduction to Nodes – Shading Basic Models, Shading Complex Objects
  • Lighting
    • Scene Set up, Point Light, Sun Light, Spot Light, Area light, Shadows, Light Bounces
  • Animations
    • Model Set up
      • Transforms, Origins, Locking – Scale / Locations / Rotations, Parenting, Empty 
    • Scene Set up
      • Materials, Lighting
    • Camera Set Up
      • Camera Lens, Depth of Field, Multiple Camera
    • Animating
      • Timeline, Shot Selection, Graph Editor, Keyframes
  • Export
    • Output Settings
      • Dimensions, Path
    • Render Engines
      • Eevee, Cycles
    • Images
    • Animation 

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