2D Animation

2D Animation Course

“Bring your imagination to life”

Software: Adobe After Effects

Medium of Instruction: English, Hindi, Gujarati

Bring alive the artist in you. If you like drawings, designing, crafting, painting or if any of these things excites you, Then this animation course is just for you. We help you bring out the artist behind the person.

Like with anything else, it’s important to build strong foundations. The strong foundations of animation is graphic designing. The course starts with learning Illustrations. We offer you enough exposure to Adobe Illustration that you can design basic graphics, logos, art work on your own. You will have a fundamental understanding of how Illustrations work, which you will be able to import in After Effects – to start animating.

Once you have a fair understanding of how to create your own illustrations, we jump into After Effects. This is the place where all magic of animation happens, this is where you bring your creativity to life, this is where you become an animator.

After effects can be overwhelming for students who are starting their career in motion graphics. This is where we come in to help you understand how this beast of the software can be so simple and easy to learn. Here we start with absolute basics of After Effects. You are taught to set up your own projects, given understanding of all the panels & working windows and how to move them around and finally you will understand what are resolutions and fps and what are the industry standards & best practices while choosing these for your projects.

We then delve deeper into understanding various tools, which ones are most often used, which tools are used to do what tasks. These tools becomes intuitive once you move on with the course and practice more. Once tools are understood you are given overview of project, timeline and viewer panels.

From here we open the big guns – Key Frames. The essence of 2D animation and motion graphics is key frames. The two points in the timeline are keyed, and these Keyed Frames decides wither you want the animation to move, rotate, scale, change color, change shape, fall apart, bring together, become de-saturated or simply vanish from the scene. You learn the rules of key frames and interpolation in these lectures.

We move to effects and pre-sets once you get a grasp on key framing. Here you are taught about colors, edges, blur, paths and fill. You are exposed to effects control panel and how that helps you to control the effects and pre-sets you want animated.

In the closing lectures of the motion graphics & 2d animation course we start to cover Solid & shape layers, the properties of layers, industry standard and best practices for workflow and includes working with null layers, adjustment layers, per comps, parent and controller. And finally we how to render and export.

In our animation training institute you just don’t learn After Effects, we just don’t teach you the software, we additionally teach you how to animate – which no one else does. We give you practical exposure to the projects, we push you to think out of the box and we help you think like and artist.

Certify for 2d animation course and motion graphic course in Adobe After Effects from Edits Academy. You can easily commute to our coaching centre from Memnagar, CG Road, Hansol, Nikol, Adraj, Kankaria, and Ambli Ahmedabad.Our branch location is very well placed in Ahmedabad nearby all the public transports.

Course Detail

  • Interface
    • Project Set up, Panel Understanding, Working Window
  • Timeline Settings
  • Panel Understanding
    • Project panel, Timeline panel, Tools panel, Viewer panel
  • Timeline
    • Revision, Text, Shape, Animation
  • Key Frame
    • Rules of Key frame, Key frame assistant, Key frame interpolation, Key frame selection (panel)
  • Animation
    • Convert text to shape, Letter animation, Shape animation
  • Effects & Presents
    • Panel
      • Color, Crop Edges, Blue & Sharpen, Text, Background, Fill
    • Timeline
      • Repeater, Trim paths, Twist, Skew, Rotation & Position
    • Effects Control panel
  • Solid layers & Shape layers
    • Masks, Transaction, Screen modification, Solid layer
  • Properties
    • Text, Shape, Key frame Graph Chart, Animation
  • Workflow
    • Null layers, Adjustment layers, Pre-Comps, Parent, Controller
  • Illustrator
    • Interface, Import, Animation, Convert to shape
  • Export settings
    • Render, Encoder

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