It is said that if you enjoy your work, your work becomes a success. It no longer remains work, it becomes play. If you have a creative instinct and are inclined towards art, then making your career in VFX or Visual Effects industry would leverage your abilities. Working as a VFX expert is not only fun but it also gives you an opportunity to use your perceptive imagination in upgrading your vocation.

Edits Academy offers integrated and holistic VFX courses in Ahmedabad to budding animators. Realistic and stunning visuals are the backbone of any film these days. After ‘Baahubali’, the importance of including scintillating visual effects to enhance the gravity of the movies has increased manifold in Bollywood. This has elevated the standard of cinema. Not only films, but television series also use special effects extensively to flabbergast the audience.

We are undoubtedly the best VFX institute in Ahmedabad catering to the needs of the film-making and animation industry. Unlike other VFX institutes in Ahmedabad, we provide personalized attention to our students. Our Visual Effects courses are dedicated to training the students in the art of creating and assembling live visuals to make impossible environments possible in films. The VFX Film Making Courses provided by our institute bridge the gap between you and your dream career in film making.

Our faculty members educate the students to use Foundry Nuke software which is of great relevance in compositing. We train our students in the complete series of Nuke software like Nuke, NukeX, and Nuke Studio. The students learn to assimilate the techniques of compositing and editing using Nuke in our Foundry Nuke Classes. The knowledge of Nuke is mandatory if you want to make your career in film making as a digital compositor. Our Foundry Nuke Course is all-encompassing and makes our students ready to face the challenges of the transforming film industry. We upskill them to apply Foundry Nuke which is a formidable technique used for digital compositing.

 Advantages of VFX Training by Edits Academy in Ahmedabad

  • Our complete module of the Vfx training course makes the students industry-ready. The Foundry Nuke classes make our students adept at using Foundry Nuke for creating phenomenal visual effects in films. 
  • We have state of art infrastructure that includes our studios and labs where the students get practical training and exposure to working.
  • The institute has a remarkable team of professional faculty members who have years of experience in the industry. They are committed to training the students to perfection and are most willing to share their knowledge.
  • Edits Academy also holds workshops where the people involved in the film-making industry are invited to interact with our students. The students benefit from their learning. 
  • We train our students in such a way that they act as mentors for their fellow mates and help them solve their queries. This infuses the spirit of team spirit in them.

Edits Academy in Ahmedabad is an unparalleled VFX training institute and a paragon of excellence in the field of animation training institutes. It delivers a commendable portfolio of courses in VFX in tandem with the industry demand.