This is the age of the knowledge economy. Presenting information and knowledge in an artistic manner by the integration of different media is the aim of multimedia training. It includes providing skills to be an expert in using the visuals, text, images, sound effects, animations, and videos to churn out the desired result.

Multimedia and Animation courses are very much in demand as they are widely used in diverse fields such as education, advertising, medicine, business, entertainment, gaming, etc. The animation and multimedia industry has grown at an alarming pace. As a result of which the demand for individuals proficient in animation and equipped with multimedia training has risen tremendously.

Our multimedia training institute in Ahmedabad provides Multimedia and Animation courses that upgrade the skills of an individual and enable them to carve a niche for themselves. The training program is comprehensively designed to meet the industry standards and ensures that you stand out from the crowd.

We give complete and relevant knowledge to our students about all the aspects of multimedia like:

Motion Graphics:

It is very essential to understand the utility of motion graphics as it provides an extraordinary touch to your output. We train the students and tell them how to make the images and the text agile. We also educate them to make the graphics move or flow in a synchronized manner. We make them skilled in using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and After Effects which are primarily used by motion artists.

Audio Effects:

Appropriate sound effects breathe life into animated characters. The frequency and intensity of proper sound effects convey the right emotion. We also train our students to use Adobe Audition software which is used to add and modify audio and sound effects to the 3D animations. This results in generating illuminating content.

Video Editing:

The training program also envisages sharpening the skills of our students to create and edit the videos diligently by using Adobe Premiere Pro software.

2D Animation:

The students in our multimedia training institute are equipped with the techniques used in 2D animation. At the end of the training, our students excel in creating 2D animations by manipulating height and width of the characters according to the need.

3D Animation:

Our multimedia course also comprises upgrading the students to learn 3Danimations which involves adding the third dimension of depth to the 2D animations. After the training, the students are all set to use Adobe Blender also. The knowledge of Blender aids in creating 3D animated videos with ease and perfection.
Once an individual has undergone the absolute training module of Multimedia, he is ready to explore the abundance of opportunities in different sectors.

The knowledge of animation and multimedia is used extensively in the following sectors:


The advent of online learning and usage of technology for the dissemination of knowledge has unleashed ample possibilities for the students equipped with the basics of animation and multimedia tools. By using animated graphics and the techniques of multimedia in academics, one is able to simplify complicated concepts. Our multimedia and animation classes also teach you to create exemplary content for education by using animation.


For all the people who want to make their career in the entertainment industry behind the camera, it is imperative that they should have mastery in multimedia. Our multimedia training program makes you industry-ready and provides you an understanding of the work culture. The students learn the intricacies of all the five media namely, text, pictures or images, sound or audio, video, and animation at our Multimedia Training Institute in Ahmedabad.


The retail industry has also delved into leveraging the advantages of technology to expand their business. The dynamics of marketing are transforming enormously. Usage of multimedia and animation in marketing the product and increasing its reach and impact has proved to be fruitful to business organizations. Hence, business houses also seek people who are trained multimedia professionals.


Video games make use of animation and multimedia specialized training extensively. If you want to make your career in developing video games, it is absolutely necessary for you to have an in-depth and thorough knowledge of integrating the different media and using 2D and 3D animation. Our animation courses and multimedia programs instill in you the desired capabilities by making you learn the fundamentals of game designing.

Our students are trained under the supervision and guidance of our esteemed faculty members who have specialized knowledge of their fields. At Edits Academy, we believe that the students should try to solve their problems and doubts among themselves. The students act as mentors and solve the queries of their fellow-mates. This is our practical based approach to instill confidence in our students. Ours is a renowned and reputed Multimedia and Animation Training Institute in Ahmedabad. We offer courses and training in the field of animation and multimedia that provide a competitive edge to our students.

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