About Us

“Learn from real world expert editors”

Edits Academy – Best Animation Institute in Ahmedabad is a built-up of millions of hours of work that we have done for our clients, both domestically and internationally. We have worked with some of the best Animation Studios, Marketing Companies, Web & App Designing Companies, Content Creators, Directors, Film Makers, Cinematographers and Photographers and helped them in all forms of Post Production. Our training institute is the result of every minute of experience that we have gained working with them.

Our Animation Courses and Editing Courses started with the vision to share this experience with the ones who want to build careers as 3d modellers, 3d Animators, 2d Animators, Motion Artists, Graphic Designers, Video Editors and Photo Editors.

About Us

While we have extensive experience in animation, motion graphics, graphic dsigning, photo and video post-production, what makes us unique is that we have worked with studios, companies, directors, film makers, cinematographers and photographers across the globe, not less than 15 countries, which has given us exposure of variety of cultures. We have created animations, motion graphics, designed graphics and illustrations, edited photos, designed albums and created films that we have done for over a decade.

This institute has started with his endeavour to add and give necessary skills and value to them who wants to build careers in post-production or to those who wants to add value to their photography or videography business by taking charge of post-production.

Founder Aman Sanghvi

About Us

Mr. Aman has had a decade of experience working with some of the top photographers of the world assisting them in editing and retouching, being their one-point contact for Post Production. He has worked with photographers from The US, Canada, UK, Israel, Singapore, Australia, Middle East and continues to work with them till date. This has led him to gain tremendous experience in the field of Photo-Video Post-Production and is willing to spread this experience with young people who want to add value in their photo/video business or to them who wants to build career in Photo Video Post-Production..

Mr. Aman is a third generation photographer who moved into post production at a very early stage of his career. His grandfather and father both were photographers, and this is how it runs in his blood too. While expanding this generations of business international, he experienced how post production is a pain point of photo and video industry. This was a turning point in his career. He moved towards post processing of photos and videos and till date he has travelled to several countries and have worked for photographers and cinematographers not only in India but worldwide.

Founder Devansh Thakkar

About Us

Devansh Thakkar is a Talent Acquisition specialist having experience of 15+ years into leadership hiring. He has been working with Top Corporates across India. This has led him to gain tremendous experience in the field of hiring, management & career progression. He is willing to spread this experience with young people who want to add value in their professional career.

Devansh hails from Nadiad and started working as a recruiter at Ahmedabad at a very young age. He started his first company (DSP Eminence Consulting Services) at the age of 25 which is one of the renowned names in placement industry today. Edits Academy is his second venture where he plans to bring in all the management expertise gained in last 15 years.


Edits Academy is located in Ahmedabad Gujarat, however Mr. Aman is available to travel to other cities for organizers who would want to set up seminars and workshops or would want to conduct crash course on post production for photographers and videographers.